Chien Huang (PhD Project Student)

During my PhD studies in Taiwan, I currently focus on regulatory mechanisms of metabolic diseases including non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and Type 2 Diabetes. My researches tries to illustrate how extracellular enzymatic activity affects lipid metabolism in hepatocytes and how systemic neuropeptides affects basal insulin secretion through changing autophagy in pancreatic β cells.

Recent studies have revealed that noncoding RNAs harbour new and exciting role in regulating metabolic homeostasis. During my visiting stay in the Kornfeld lab, I plan to explore the molecular principles of long noncoding RNAs in metabolic and cellular homeostasis, with a focus on brown adipose tissue differentiation and function. With my work, we hope to contribute to a more solid understanding of lncRNA biology and mechanistics, and help laying the foundation for anti-lncRNA therapeutics against obesity-related comorbidities in the future.