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“In our fight against metabolic diseases, noncoding RNA inhibition could constitute the basis for novel anti-diabetes approaches” 

During my molecular bioscience studies in Salzburg, I became fascinated in epigenetics and the fact that DNA is not a strict 'blueprint for life' but is sensitive to environmental information and can therefore change during the lifetime of an organism. Inherently linked to and vastly expanding our understanding of epigenetics is the research field of long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) research, that I want to be part of.

In my MSc thesis, I am thrilled to work with a particular class of functional RNAs called 'imprinted' lncRNAs - noncoding genes that seem to play promising but largely unexplored roles in controlling glucose metabolism and adipose tissue biology. I am more than happy to increase my expertise in epigenetics and noncoding RNA biology and to contribute new knowledge that could help in our losing battle against the global obesity pandemic. 

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