Laura Ingeborg Davidsen (PhD Student)

I am trained within neurobiology and noncoding RNA biology and have worked on projects that intended to uncover the transcriptional regulation of tumor necrosis factor by micro-, circular -, and long noncoding RNAs in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis. What I find particularly interesting is how to understand the requirement of noncoding RNAs mediated gene regulation for our metabolic health, praticularly given how little we know about most of them.
As a PhD student in Kornfeld lab I hope to get the opportunity to study the function of obesity and type 2 diabetes associated long noncoding RNAs and uncover their role in the regulation of energy homeostasis. Obtaining a deeper molecular and physiological understanding of how and where these long noncoding RNAs act, will hopefully support the development of long noncoding RNA replacement or inhibition treatment strategies for metabolic diseases.